General Information

Policy on Non-discrimination

St. Raymond Parish Religious Education Program is operated under the auspices of the Catholic Bishop of Chicago, a corporation sole, in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  St. Raymond Religious Education Program admits participants of any sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin and persons with disabilities to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to participants of this catechetical program.


General Expectations

Each family becomes actively involved in St. Raymond Religious Education Program and Parish in order to model a living, conscious and active Christian faith.

The family reinforces the values and beliefs of the Catholic faith by regular attendance at a weekend Mass.

The parent agrees to actively do all they can to encourage their children to act in accordance with Gospel values.

Appropriate behavior and common respect are presumed and expected from each child.

The REminders newsletter contains time sensitive information regarding classes, meetings, upcoming events, etc.  It is your responsibility to read it each week.

We will accept students in classes until the third week of the beginning of the year.

Registration after the third week results in your child being placed in our Home Study



Admission Policies

In the admission of students to religious education programs in the Archdiocese of Chicago the order of priority shall ordinarily be as follows:

1. Children of registered and participating parishioners

a. children from families with children already enrolled

b. children transferring from the parish school

c. children now reaching school age

d. children from families newly moved into the parish

2. Children of non-registered parishioners

a. children from families with children already enrolled

b. children now reaching school age

c  other children seeking to enroll in a formal religious education program


*Parish staff is  authorized to make discretionary exceptions to these policies.


Financial Obligations

Participating in a parish community takes on a variety of concrete and necessary involvements.  To commit ourselves to a parish family, “a place where we go to church”,  also involves a personal participation in the lives of a diverse group of people gathered around the person of Christ.  Sharing in parish and religious education activities creates a sense of belonging.  Being a parishioner calls each of us to contribute our time, talent and treasure so God’s love reaches all. For some families, the degree and intensity of contributing and participating may understandably vary.

As a parish ministry, religious formation is a high priority.  In keeping with the purpose of religious formation of all members of a parish, no family will be refused religious education for financial reasons.  No quality program, however, can exist without income.  The tuition charged for a child’s religious education does not cover the entire cost of the program. The parish offers a sizable subsidy to cover staff, materials and resources for a quality formation program.  The catechetical leaders are full time salaried professionals.  A small stipend is also given to each catechist.

If financial need arises, we encourage families, if possible, to make monthly payments from July to January.  If you are unable to pay any of the tuition and fees, because of financial need, a letter of explanation to the program director is necessary. We encourage families to contact the Director of Religious Education to make other arrangements. All requests are completely confidential.

Please refer to the tuition information for specific information on your choice of payment plan. Tuition rates are based on two plans.  Plan A: Participating

Parishioners & Plan B: Non-Contributing Parishioners or Non-Parishioners.  These “plans” indicate methods of payment, not quality of parish involvement.


Payment options

Payment in full by first day of class

Credit card payment

The fourth child in a family is tuition free.  Only their book and sacramental fees need to be paid.

Fee statements will be sent informing parents of delinquent accounts.

To help defray costs, the sacramental fee is $35 for First Eucharist and $40 for Confirmation.  This will be collected with  tuition payment.

A non-volunteer fee of $35 is in place for those families unable to give their time/talent to support the RE programs.

All families participating in religious education at St. Raymond are asked to volunteer.  All of our programs are already subsidized by the parish.  The home study program is part of the entire religious education program at St. Raymond.  We want to encourage all families to be involved in all the activities we offer including the Pasta Dinner, Family Night, retreats and prayer services, etc.  We cannot offer these opportunities without the help of all of our families either by volunteering or off setting some of the costs due to insufficient volunteers.  We appreciate the commitment you make to the success of  religious education at

St. Raymond.