Safety, Health and Custody Issues

Our goal is to assure the safe transfer of children from parent to the Religious Education Staff.  When time is of the essence it is better to be safe rather than sorry.


Arrival and Dismissal Safety

This is an extremely busy time!  CARE & CAUTION need to be used for the safety of ALL children.

To provide a safe arrival and dismissal for ALL children, please adhere to these specific safety rules.   BE COURTEOUS & PATIENT during this drop-off & pickup time.


Arrival Time

· NEVER pull into a resident’s driveway and leave your car unattended.

· Parents should park in the parking lot and escort younger children (first-third grade) into school.

· Parents may drop children off in front of school but ONLY on the WEST side of Elmhurst.

· Be sure to wait & see that your child enters the building.

· NO CHILD SHOULD CROSS IN THE MIDDLE OF ELMHURST AT THE PARKWAY ISLAND!  This is very dangerous.  Children must cross at the corner crosswalks — no matter how late they are.

· When possible volunteer crossing guards are scheduled at the corner of Lincoln and

Elmhurst Ave.

· Encourage your child to walk-don’t run-while crossing.

· If your child is late for class, he/she need to sign in with  the RE office staff for

attendance purposes.


Dismissal Time

· Generally parents wait outside the school – or at designated meeting site – to retrieve their child.

· Everyone should stay on the sidewalk at the school and stay off the grassy areas and off the Church steps and handrails.

· Children are not permitted to roll or run down the hilly area outside the classroom windows.

· If a parent is running late, no child will be unattended.  We will wait with your child until you arrive.  We will try to call the home or cell if a child is concerned or fearful.

Early Dismissal:  If it becomes necessary to remove your young person from a session early, please observe the following:

If a child needs to leave class early, a parent MUST come to the RE Office to

sign them out & go to class to retrieve them.  A note to the Catechist ahead

of time would be a courtesy.  Please do not place sports above religious education.