Cancellation of Classes

In case of stormy or severely cold weather, cancellation of classes will be broadcasted on radio stations WGN-AM (720), WAIT-AM (850), and WLS-TV.  An email will also be sent to all families.  Emergency contact information for each child needs to be on file in the Religious Education Office.




· Regular class attendance (unless sickness or extraordinary circumstances

warrant) is expected.

· Parents are expected to call in their child’s absence at 847-253-8600 x134.

· If a parent has not called in an absence, an attendance monitor will attempt to call home to assure the child’s safety.

· After three absences, the catechist will call home to check with the parent to

· encourage home study of missed work.

· Children are required to make up the class work missed during absences.  Parent/child contacts the catechist for specific information.

· Please do not place sports/practices ahead of religious education.