Safe Child Policy

It is the objective of Saint Raymond’s Religious Education to provide an environment safe from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse for those participating in, receiving and providing this


The Safe Child and Youth Policy is:

1. Volunteers and catechetical staff must abide by “Code of Conduct for Church Personnel”

St. Raymond catechetical personnel are required by law to conform to the Abused and

Neglected Child Reporting Act (P.A. 81-1007).  All staff have a responsibility to study

and understand the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services reporting services.

2. All program staff 18 years of age and above – in both teaching and non-teaching positions  have undergone a criminal background check.  In addition, all program staff 18 years of age and above – in both teaching and non-teaching positions  have completed the required

Archdiocesan training in the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse.

3. Adults who have been convicted of a felony regarding physical, sexual, or emotional abuse will not be permitted to volunteer their services in any ministry sponsored activity or

program for children or youth.

4. Adults who themselves have been violated physically, sexually or emotionally need the love and respect of the church.  It is our expectation that these adults, who are considering

working with children or youth have resolved any issues in their past that might negatively impact their work as a volunteer.  If these issues are not resolved, we ask that this person seek professional help before volunteering with youth and children.

5.  Volunteers and staff should immediately report any suspected or inappropriate behaviors to DCFS, and their supervisor or to the Pastor.

6.  In most cases in ministry, volunteers are with groups of children. If an occasion arises when a single volunteer and a single child/youth are in the same room at the same time, the door will remain open and they need to be in clear view.