Online Resources Grades 1- 8

Online Resources from our RE Textbook Publisher

Our publisher, RCL Benzinger has a website with many great resources for you the parent, the student & as a family! Spending some time reviewing the materials your children learned in class helps to better integrate it into the every day life! Plus, it’s some nice Family Time!


If you follow the link: you will find for each grade level:

  • Chapter Reviews, these are online quizzes that are graded as you take them.
  • Faith First Activities, activities for each chapter of your textbook to further enhance the lesson!
  • Make a Difference, ways in which you can live out the Gospel message.
  • Saints
  • Games
  • Take a Tour of a Church

8th Grade go to page: select “Church History” and then the title of the chapter.



If you select the Parents/Family tab you have access to lots of resources such as Family Prayer, Games, Gospel Reflections, Catholic Parenting 101 and much more!

Home Study Students

  1. When starting to work on the Religion curriculum with your child, spend some time in prayer before thanking God for the many blessings in your lives and to be open to whatever God is saying to you today. Spending some time in prayer helps us to focus our intentions on listening to the Will of God.
  2. Go through the chapter guiding your child but letting them come up with their own responses & reflections (that’s how we grow in our faith!).
  3. Go to
  4. 8th Grade Only, for “Church History” textbook!  Go to the page:  This website is an older web version however, it allows the Home Study Student to have chapter review results emailed directly to the Director of Religious Education.
  5. Choose the appropriate grade level, then chapter. Have your child take the online quiz & once done have the results emailed to: Email addresses must be filled in correctly in both the ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields for the quiz results to be sent successfully.  Students must receive a 70% or higher for the review to count.
  6. You’re done!