Grade 7 and Grade 8

Young adolescents’ lives are both complex and challenging.  There is something special about the way young people embrace their faith; once they trust, they readily bring themselves to a point where they allow their lives to be touched more deeply.

These moments are experiences of light and hope.  To provide young people with a genuine opportunity to share their stories and listen to others in faith, the Junior High religion curriculum utilizes discussion, choice of topics, prayer and service to others.

Grade 7

Students will choose to do two of the three courses offered.

I: Christ in the Liturgy

A: The Church: In the six sessions the students will learn about:

  • The Church: The People of God
  • The Church: The Body of Christ
  • Paul the Apostle: A Scripture Story
  • The Church: People of Prayer
  • The Prayer of the Church
  • Give Thanks to the Lord

B: Worship & Sacraments: In the six sessions the students will learn about:

  • Reborn of the Spirit: A Scripture Story
  • Baptism & Confirmation
  • Eucharist
  • Jesus Feeds 5000: A Scripture Story
  • Anointing of the Sick & Reconciliation
  • Matrimony & Holy Orders

II:  Christ Reveals God’s Mystery

A: The Revelation of God: In the six sessions the students will learn about:

  • We Believe
  • The Word of God
  • The Man Born Blind: A Scripture Story
  • The Mystery of Creation
  • God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Jesus Christ, the Son of God

B: The Gift of Salvation: In the six sessions the students will learn about:

  • The Transfiguration of Jesus: A Scripture Story
  • The Suffering Servant: A Scripture Story
  • Jesus’ Passion & death
  • Jesus’ Resurrection & Ascension
  • A Resurrection Story: A Scripture Story
  • The Holy Spirit, The Sanctifer

III: Christ in the New Testament

A: Intro to Scripture & the Gospels: In the six sessions the students will learn about:

  • Intro to Sacred Scripture
  • The Gospels
  • The Gospel of Mark
  • The Gospel of Matthew
  • The Gospel of Luke, Acts of the Apostles
  • The Gospel of John

B: The Letters & Revelation: In the six sessions the students will learn about:

  • Letter to the Romans
  • Letter to the Philippians
  • Letter to the Colossians
  • Letter of James
  • Letter to the Hebrews
  • Book of Revelation

In 8th Grade the students will do one 6 week mini-course on Church History, (everyone will do the same mini-course) and the rest of the year will be spent on Confirmation preparation.

Church History

  • Make disciples of All Nations
  • The Holy Spirit: A Scripture Story
  • Reformation & Renewal
  • Exploration & Evangelization
  • The Missionary Church: A Scripture Story
  • The Second Vatican Council…and Beyond

Young people and their parents of St. Raymond Parish discern if they will receive the sacrament of Confirmation.  All sacraments are a gift from God.  But like any other gift, it must be willingly accepted.  The acceptance and confirming of the gift of faith at Baptism is a life-long process, which is supported by a community of believers.

Participation in Sunday Liturgy is expected.  A short typed paragraph, 8-10 sentences, about the Sunday homily is expected each week.