About Us

Dear Students, Parents, and friends of St. Raymond Parish,

Welcome!!   Once again we are gearing up for a new year of faith formation in our Religious Education Program. Last year seemed to breeze by, with so much happening in our community!  Hopefully you will approach this new school year with much excitement, looking forward to learning more about your faith and forging new friendships.

Archdiocese had designated 2012 as a year of YOUTH.  We have taken this very seriously.  Throughout this year, our leadership tried to address how we might engage our people in new and varied ways.  One of the focuses of doing so was to have parents and students give opinions of our programs through a survey.  For the jr. high and high school students, we took time to meet in a small group and ask specific questions about your parish and the Church at large.

Hopefully you are aware, and have participated in our Capital Campaign, which has helped with improvements in our school building and around the parish campus.  We wanted to provide a safe environment for our students and all who utilize our buildings.  If, after seeing the improvements made, you would like to be part of our honor roll of givers, please contact the PMC.

I would like to offer my gratitude to Mary Catherine Nelson, the Program Director of Catechesis, our administrative assistant, Michelle Tuchner, and over 50 catechists and volunteers, the Religious Education Program provides a very fine program of catechesis and faith formation for the young people of our parish who attend our local public schools.

As I mentioned previously, last year there was the Diocesan focus on youth.  This year, the focus is on the Mass.  What a wonderful opportunity to recommit ourselves to our faith, especially in terms of participation – with family (and perhaps through the Family Mass or CLOW).  It is edifying to see parents take on the task of forming their children in the ways of our Catholic faith, and to grow as a result of it.  I so look forward to greeting individuals and families; and to praying together as we gather for weekly Mass.  I have mentioned before that Vatican II referred to the family as the “Domestic Church.” Growth in faith begins at home, with the family.  Please know that we are committed in doing our part to help parents form their children with Gospel values and an appreciation of the gift of the Catholic Faith. In our world today, there are so many choices, so many “things” demanding our time and attention.  We want to stress that the development and living a life of Christian discipleship – MUST be a priority for all members of our Church Community.

One thing that Parents have in common is that they want the best for their children.  What more can we give in these challenging times, than a solid life centered on Jesus and his Gospel?  That takes discipline and steadfastness. That takes all of us: children, parents, catechists and parish staff, working together.

Again, we welcome you to another year of religious education and formation – looking forward to learning and growing together!